team_gone_again_website_logoTeam GONE AGAIN is owned by Kenny and Myna Mungle through M&M Power Sports, Inc.  The team has won numerous Shootout events, holding countless “Top Gun” & “Class” speed titles across the United States.  The 1991 Douglas Marine Skater named “GONE AGAIN” currently holds the title of “The World’s Fastest 32′ Skater”.  This record was first achieved in 2013 with a speed of 171 MPH.  The Team broke their own record last year during the Lake of the Ozarks (LOTO) Shootout in Missouri, boasting a new record of 188 MPH.

In early 2016, the Team purchased the 2010 388 Skater formerly owned and operated by the Stihl Offshore Race Team. This boat is also a well known champion, and holds several World and National Titles. With the acquisition of this new boat, the Team has ventured in to the offshore racing arena. There was speculation as to how well the Team would perform in this new racing environment. However, that speculation has since gone away, and the notion that Team GONE AGAIN may be a force to be reckoned with, has begun to emerge.

The Team calls the Houston, TX area home which is where Kenny and Myna also own a successful business in the transportation industry.  Team GONE AGAIN takes pride in being active in the community, participating in charitable events, and donating to non-profit organizations.  Our motto is, “Do Good Things, and Good Things Happen.”  We truly believe in that, and instill it in all of our team members.  At any event, we make sure that our fans and followers never feel as if we are unapproachable.  We encourage people to ask questions about us, the boats, and our races.

Team GONE AGAIN exhibits patriotism, promotes good sportsmanship, and of course, enjoys friendly competition.   We are, Team GONE AGAIN!

Myna & Kenny Mungle | Team Owners